OUr History



  •  B.G.S was found in 2012 as one of India's original Project Outsourcing start-ups, with an aim to bridge gaps in process management and outsourcing. We started as project outsourcing firm and later on moved into different zones with a motto of providing high-quality, low-cost, and applicable interventions to handle gaps. Today, the BGS enterprise has its presence across varied sectors that include technology, wealth management and talent management solutions. 



Serious Business, Friendly Company

Every customer needs are taken into serious consideration, Providing solutions is  our craft and passion. Our Systematic approach and use of state art of technology and tools to resolve problems of your customers is ultimate product of the best of our mind and hands.  But as much as we love building beautiful software, we think our people and company culture are our most important assets. Our engineers spend years mastering their craft, bringing together decades of engineering expertise to produce a real work of art. When you choose BGS, you get more than just a single product or a tightly integrated suite. You get our commitment to continuous refinement and to improving your experience. And you get our relentless devotion to your satisfaction. 


A focus on what matters.


We are committed to spending your money wisely. We invest more in product development and customer support than in sales and marketing. It always struck us as paradoxical to charge the customer extra for the privilege of marketing back to them. By keeping our cost of attracting customers low, we keep our prices affordable and pass the savings onto our users.

We’re gentle in our sales approach, so we don't push our people to push you. You won’t find us trying to endlessly upsell you, or buying your loyalty through multi-year contracts. And with growth that regularly outstrips our competitors, we know that this model works.


A private company with public vision.

 We’ve stayed private and we’ve never taken other people’s money. Neither will change. This keeps us independent and beholden to only the customer, permitting a long term view to naturally unfold. We are private, but far from small.  In no time, we expanded to office in 4 cities and Skill development centers in more than 10 states and 93 towns, with staff of more than 450+ and growing.